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2022 College/University Educators of the Year Awards

Mar 1, 2022 - May 1, 2022

Being selected as an NC SHAPE Educator of the Year is one of the highest honors within our profession. NC SHAPE's College/University Educator of the Year program recognizes outstanding teachers in the following categories:

  • College/University Dance Educator of the Year
  • College/University Health Educator of the Year
  • College/University Physical Education Educator of the Year
  • College/University Sport Management Educator of the Year


  • Current membership in NC SHAPE when nominated and when receiving the award
  • Current membership in the association listed below
    • College/University Dance Educator of the Year > NC Physical Education Association (NCPEA)
    • College/University Health Educator of the Year > NC Association for the Advancement of Health Education (NCAAHE)
    • College/University Physical Education Educator of the Year > NC Physical Education Association (NCPEA)
    • College/University Sport Management Educator of the Year > NC Sport Management Coalition (NCSMC)
  • Minimum of five years college/university teaching experience in the nomination category
  • Full time teaching at a North Carolina college/university at time of application submission & selection
    • Retired college/university teachers are not eligible
  • Minimum of 50% of total job responsibilities is teaching in the category nominated for at the time of application and selection
  • Demonstrates evidence of excellence in teaching and dedication to the mission and principles of the NC SHAPE and the applicable association


  1. Nominator Responsibilities: The nominator is responsible for collecting and uploading all application materials before the submission deadline.

  2. Nominee Responsibilities: The nominee is responsible for keeping their NC SHAPE membership current, obtaining three letters of recommendation, completing the cover page, and preparing the written statement. The nominee must get the application materials to the nominator in time to meet the submission deadline.


  1. Verify NC SHAPE Membership: The nominator should ask the intended individual if they are an NC SHAPE member before nominating the individual. The nominator should inform the nominee that they must be a member when receiving this award at the Annual State Convention.

  2. Upload: Three Letters of Recommendation: The nominee shall obtain three letters of recommendation. One from a colleague, one from an administrator/supervisor and one from a current or former student.

  3. Upload: Cover Page. The nominee is responsible for filling out the cover page. (Download the cover page using the link provided below.)

  4. Upload: Nominee's Written Statement: Each candidate must demonstrate three out of four of the specific contributions criteria as follows. 
  • Position of Leadership in developing and implementing or directing/coordinating effective programs within the TOY category
  • Meritorious Service through involvement at local, state, district or national level or at the school or community level
  • Outstanding Board/Committee Service within an NC SHAPE or SHAPE America structure or other professional organizations at the state, district or national level as an officer or committee member
  • Other Evidence of Leadership and Service to the profession through three of the following: teaching, publications, presentations, funded research or programs, special projects, or physical education-related activities
Application Documents: Please download the Cover Page as seen below. This page is to be filled out and uploaded by the nominator along with the Written Statement and three Letters of Recommendation as the last step in applying for this award. If you have any questions, please contact Artie Kamiya, Executive Director (919) 818-6486 or
(1) Cover Page (Click to download the Word doc) and submit along with the following two items:
(2) Written Statement
(3) Letters of Recommendation


Please fill out the nomination form completely.

When submitting award forms please:

  • Members: Please login to your account first. Once you are logged in, click on the "New Submission" button near the bottom of the page

  • Non-Members: Click on "New Submission". The page will reload. To start your nomination, click on "register" near the bottom of the page. There is no fee or cost to register as a guest.

Nomination Deadline: May 1 of each year.

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