Annual State Convention: While NCAAHPERD-SM sponsors a number of events each year, our primary one is our annual State Convention as you can view in the "Check Out Our Calendar Here" link seen below. This year, we are pleased to announce that we will have four of the most talented physical education personalities available at the 2018 NCAAHPERD-SM State Convention.  They include Jim DeLine (Texas), Chip Candy (National Middle School PE Teacher of the Year), John Smith (National Elementary School PE Teacher of the Year), and Beth Kirkpatrick. As time permits, please click on the short video below to see what Beth has to say about attending this year's gathering:

We also collaborate with other organizations to offer a wide variety of professional development conferences and leadership development opportunities. These will be added to our calendar as they become available.  Also, please feel free to contact Artie Kamiya, Executive Director at (919) 818-6486 or 

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