Select Your Membership

NC Shape members select two Association memberships. The Alliance allocates 30% of your dues to your first choice association and 10% of your dues to your second choice Association. If you'd like, you may select the same Association for both choices

Please note that Graduate and Undergraduate Members must select the Student Majors Association as their First Choice Association.


As time permits, please listen as one of our newest members explains why he finally joined our organization.

We Are the Place for Every North Carolina Health & PE Teacher!

From Murphy to Manteo, members rely on NCAAHPERD-SM for unity, leadership, and career development. Since 1921, we have provided teachers and professionals with an ever-expanding assortment of member services, including advocacy, professional development, research opportunities, scholarships, and much more.

Join NCAAHPERD-SM and enjoy enriching opportunities and career resources including:


As advocates of healthier children, we monitor and support progressive reform of health and physical education policy at the state legislature, keep members informed, and provide ways for teachers and the public to get involved.

Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

The community of North Carolina AHPERD-SM professionals recognizes excellence each year at our convention. Grants are available for members seeking funding to attend the convention or for research or initiatives in the classroom. Scholarships are available for college students preparing for a career in an AHPERD profession.

Collective Progress with Affiliates and Partners

NCAAHPERD-SM is committed to working in collaborative settings with national SHAPE America affiliates and partner organizations in North Carolina.

Leadership and Unity

NCAAHPERD-SM has a long history and rich network of leadership and unity. Opportunities for AHPERD professionals and educators of all ages to become leaders are available. In addition, the ability to network with a diverse and talented group is many of our members’ favorite benefit.


Members stay informed and engaged year-round with Headlines, a monthly e-newsletter featuring the latest news, new legislation or changes in health and physical education policy, links to online resources/webinars, and much more.

Professional Development

In addition to an annual state convention, we provide several opportunities to earn Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s), while sharpening skills and learning new ones at several professional development events throughout the year.

Scholarly Research

NCAAHPERD-SM’s bi-annual, electronic scholarly research publication, The North Carolina Journal, provides members the perfect opportunity for published, peer-reviewed articles.


Important Notice

Please note that NC SHAPE will no longer be providing a $1,000,000 liability insurance with your annual membership as of June 1, 2023. This is in light of professional liability coverage being purchased by DPI and available to NC public and charter school employees. Coverage applies when employee is working under the direction of their employer and within the scope of their duties.  Please see for additional details.