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2020 College/University Health Educator of the Year

Jan 15, 2020 - Aug 15, 2020


  • Member of NCAAHPERD-SM and the NCAAHE. 
  • Demonstrates evidence of excellence in teaching health education and dedication to the mission and principles of the NCAAHE and NCAAHPERD-SM.
  • If selected as a NCAAHE TOY, will need to join SHAPE America in order to advance to District.

NC College/University TOY- Requirements

  1. Must be a NCAAHPERD-SM member at the time of the nomination.
  2. Teaching 5 years in the level of award
  3. Upload: Two Letters of Recommendation: One from a colleague and one from an administrator/supervisor. 
  4. Upload: Cover Page.
  5. Upload: Written Statement.
  6. Nominator needs to let the nominee know they are being recommended for this award as NCAAHPERD-SM membership is required as seen in #1 above.

Written Statement: Each candidate must demonstrate three out of four of the specific contributions criteria as follows:

  • Position of Leadership in developing and implementing or directing/coordinating effective programs within the TOY category;
  • Meritorious Service through involvement at local, state, district or national level or at the school or community level;
  • Outstanding Board/Committee Service within an NC SHAPE or SHAPE America physical education structure or other  professional organizations at the state, district or national level as an officer or committee member; 
  • Other Evidence of Leadership and Service to the profession through three of the following: teaching, publications, presentations, funded research or programs, special projects, or physical education-related activities.
Application Documents: Please download the Cover Page as seen below. This page is to be filled out and uploaded along with your Written Statement and two Letters of Recomendation as the last step in applying for this award. If you have any questions, please contact Artie Kamiya, Executive Director (919) 818-6486 or
(1) Cover Page (Click to download word doc) to be submitted along with the following two items:
(2) Written Statement
(3) Letters of Recommendation


When submitting award forms please:

Members: Login to your account. Once you login on each of award page, click "New Submission."

Must be an NCAAHPERD-SM member at the time of the nomination.

Award Deadline: Tentative August 15th due to Coronavirus. However, the Selection Committee can decide to close this as soon as an adequate number of quality submissions have been secured. In other words, please submit now!