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2021 Adapted Physical Education Teacher of the Year

Jan 15, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021

Background: Being selected as an NC SHAPE Teacher of the Year is one highest honors within our profession. Upon winning State TOY honors, an Adapted Physical Education TOY is eligible to compete for the SHAPE Southern District TOY and possible National TOY recognition.


  • Current member of NC SHAPE.
  • Currently teaching in North Carolina.
  • Teaching Adapted Physical Education at least 50% when nominated and during the time of receiving this award at the annual NC SHAPE State Convention.
  • Teaching at least 5 years in the field.
  • Demonstrates evidence of excellence in teaching and dedication to the mission and principles of the APE field.

Other Requirements:

  1. Verify NC SHAPE Membership: Nominator should ask intended individual prior to nomination to ensure that he/she is NC SHAPE member when nominated and during the time when receiving this award at the Annual State Convention.
  2. Upload: Three Letters of Recommendation: One from a colleague, one from an administrator/supervisor and one from a present or former student.
  3. Upload: Cover Page.
  4. Upload: Nominee's Written Statement: The eventual winner of this award will be eligible to complete for District and possible National honors. In anticipation of this, we are asking all candidates to respond to the following five characteristics submitted as a single pdf. No more than five pages of text to address the following five characteristics:
  • #1: The NC SHAPE Adapted PE TOY should demonstrate understanding of the APE National Standards and how to support learning towards Physical Literacy. In your Written Statement, please address "How do you utilize/design your APE curriculum for your students with an emphasis on physical literacy?"
  • #2: The NC SHAPE Adapted PE TOY utilizes various teaching methodologies and appropriate instructional practices. In your Written Statement, please address "How do you address the diverse needs of students to be inclusive?"
  • #3: The NC SHAPE Adapted PE TOY plans and implements innovative and diverse experiences to meet the needs of all students.  In your Written Statement, please address "How you address student needs inclusive of all students with various needs?"
  • #4: The NC SHAPE Adapted PE TOY utilizes on-going student assessment as an essential component of the APE program. In your Written Statement, please address "How do you utilize a variety of student assessments in your teaching?"
  • #5: The NC SHAPE Adapted PE TOY advocates for the profession, participates in professional development, service through leadership, presentations and writings. In your Written Statement, please describe "How you advocate for the profession and participate in professional development opportunities such as service through leadership, presentations and/or writings."
Application Documents: Please download the Cover Page as seen below. This page is to be filled out and uploaded along with your Written Statement and three Letters of Recommendation as the last step in applying for this award. If you have any questions, please contact Artie Kamiya, Executive Director (919) 818-6486 or
(1) Cover Page (Click to download word doc) submitted along with the following two items:
(2) Written Statement
(3) Letters of Recommendation


Please fill out the form completely.

When submitting award forms please:

Members: Login to your account. Once you login on each of award page, click "New Submission."

Must be an NC SHAPE member at the time of the nomination and selection.

Nomination Deadline: May 1st of each year.