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Teaching Elementary Physical Education

What’s in this Book: This valuable instructional guide contains 252 teacher-tested lesson plans to help K-5 PE teachers implement the required North Carolina standards in a practical manner. Developed to help you “navigate the world” of elementary physical education, this valuable resource is aligned to the newly mandated K-5 North Carolina Essential Standards for Physical Education.

  • Over 250 lessons aligned to the NEW North Carolina PE State Standards.
  • Written by one of the State’s leading PE experts – Dr. Dan McLaughlin.
  • Reviewed and endorsed by the North Carolina Physical Education Association (NCPEA).
  • 496 pages of instructional K-5 physical education resources!

Why Buy this Book? Designed to be the ultimate guidebook for North Carolina elementary physical education teachers, Successfully Teaching Elementary Physical Education (North Carolina Edition) contains everything you’ll need to implement a successful program this year. Whether you’re a beginning or experienced physical educator, this book offers ways to:

  • Implement a structured scope and sequence aligned to State Standards,
  • Create an optimal physical education learning experience for children,
  • Provide the instructional focus necessary for age-appropriate skill development,
  • Prepare each instructional day with proven classroom management strategies, and
  • Simplify one’s lesson planning with teaching tips, fitness content, and lesson closure ideas.

Price: $60.00