2021 NC SHAPE Convention Exhibitor / Sponsor Information

October 31 - November 2, 2021
Benton Convention Center
Winston-Salem, NC

images/ExhibitorsCropped.pngThe NC SHAPE Board of Directors is hard at work preparing for the 2021 State Convention! Our convention is well attended. We typically draw over 500 attendees. This year we not only offer face-to-face exhibit booths, but we have added sponsorship to our Whova convention app. To put it simply, that means more exposure which means more leads - more bang for your bucks!

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Exhibitors / Sponsors Contact: Artie Kamiya, Executive Director


Phone: (919) 818-6486

Exhibitors: Face-to-Face Convention Booths: 

  • Early Bird Single Both Registration: $350 (closes July 31)

  • Single Booth Registration $400 (August 1 - August 31)

  • Late Single Booth Registration $500 (September 1 - October 31)

  • Early Bird Double Both Registration: $600 (closes July 31)

  • Single Booth Registration $700 (August 1 - August 31)

  • Late Single Booth Registration $800 (September 1 - October 31)

  • Tote Bag Inserts $100

  • Exhibitors purchasing a single booth automatically receive one breakout session slot at the convention.

  • Exhibitors purchasing a double booth receive 2 breakout session slots.

  • Both single and double booth purchases Include the Whova App Sponsorship.

  • Each booth has an 8-foot tall back drape and 3 foot-tall side dividers.

  • Electricity and Internet: These services are operated by the Benton Convention Center and entail additional costs. Please contact Artie Kamiya for details.

Whova App Sponsorship:

  • $250 Registration Fee (closes October 31)

Whova App Sponsorship includes:

  • A banner ad within Whova, our conference app. Your banner ad will appear in rotation at the bottom of the Whova screen, and on the pages attendees most frequently visit.

  • On the event main page, attendees can access the exhibitor/sponsor list. We will include a link to your website from here.

  • We will send you a personal link, which allows you to set up your profile and company showcase to increase brand awareness.

  • A pre-recorded 45-minute video session. *Not available to face-to-face exhibitors.

Here are examples of how exhibitors/sponsors appear in the Whova conference app.

home-gif.gif agenda-gif.gif profile-gif.gif

Maximize the Benefits of Event Sponsorship with Whova

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Single Booth Registration $500.00Register now
late fee
Double Booth $800.00Register now
late fee
Whova App Sponsorship $250.00Register now