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2019 North Carolina Association for the Advancement of Health Education (NCAAHE) Proposals

Jan 15, 2019 - May 16, 2019

Thanks for considering to share your knowledge and skill to benefit the NCAAHPERD-SM family! We are presently looking for presentations in the area of Health Education that may include topics such as these:

  • Topics related to teaching the NC Health Education Standard Course of Study,
  • Health Pedagogy, Health Literacy
  • ASCD's "Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child" Model (WSCC),
  • Healthy School Communities,
  • And other general health topics such as "Learning and Health," collaborate approaches to policy development, innovative strategies that address childhood obesity, unhealthy eating behaviors, risky behaviors, and other health disparities, etc.

HOW TO APPLY: Please read the "Instructions" section below and note the following:

  • For Current NCAAHPERD-SM Members: If you are an NCAAHPERD-SM member, please login to your account first.  Once your are logged in, please click on the green "New Submission" button as seen below to start your proposal.
  • Non-Members: Click on the green highlighted text "Register."  You will not be charged to register at this time.


Important Notes:  Please note that only the lead presenter (person submitting this form) will be notified of the proposal's acceptance or rejection. The lead presenter is responsible for notifying the other presenters of the program's status. This includes notifying the other presenters with time and date of your session. 

All presenters listed on this submission form MUST agree to the following:

  • Presenters are responsible for their own expenses to the convention, including registration, travel, and hotel.

  • All presenters are required to register for the convention.

  • All presenters must be available to present any time during the convention (i.e., Thursday - Saturday).
    • Logging information:
      Members- Login to your account, once you are login click "New Submission". 
      Non-Members- Click at the bottom "register."  You will not be charged to register at this time.

    Very Important Reminder! Lead Presenter must contact each speaker to confirm his/her equipment needs prior to submitting this form.