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February is American Heart Month!

by Donna Woolard, posted on February 19, 2012

"Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has had heart disease or stroke. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States; one in every three deaths is from heart disease and stroke, equal to 2,200 deaths per day. These conditions are also leading causes of disability preventing people from working and enjoying family activities. Cardiovascular disease is also very expensive—together heart disease and stroke hospitalizations in 2010 cost the nation more than $444 billion in health care expenses and lost productivity. However, we can fight back against heart disease and stroke" (1).

jump_rope_logo.pngJoint the Fight and Register Your Jump or Hoops Event Today!

With hundreds of Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart events taking place this month and many more still to come, help us make this the most successful American Heart Month yet. If you haven't scheduled a Jump Rope for Heart or a Hoops for Heart event at your school, please consider doing so. It’s not too late to join in the fight against heart disease, stroke and childhood obesity by registering your Jump Rope For Heart or Hoops For Heart event today! The American Heart Association has provided everything you will need online. In one easy step you will be up and jumping in no time.

Already Scheduled to Hold an Event?

Hoops for HeartGreat! Check out the some of the resources available for coordinators holding Jumps For Heart and Hoops For Heart Events. These tools provide you with everything you need from getting started, tips for success, raising funds online and more. We've even got comprehensive feedback from past event coordinators who know all the tricks of the trade!

Jump For Heart Resources

Hoops For Heart Resources

Online Fundraising Resources

For information on American Heart Month and additional info please visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website!

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