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by Aimee Scott, posted on February 7, 2018
Physical Education Class Size Update and Urgent Request:  As you may know, NCAAHPERD-SM and our associated statewide partners have been working together to address the pending Class Size legislation that will most likely cause the reduction of elementary physical education positions across the state. 
  • We have recently learned that the North Carolina General Assembly will likely be voting on this piece of legislation this week!
  • Without the allocation of funding or adding back flexibility in this legislation, elementary school programs like physical education, art, and music will most likely have to be cut or reduced.
Urgent Action Requested TODAY!  Now is the time for all NCAAHPERD-SM members to act! Please forward this e-mail to your friends and other interested parties so that our elected officials understand the consequences of this action by clicking on the link below NOW!
The NCAAHPERD-SM Executive Committee and the entire Board of Directors strongly believe in the importance of physical education in the lives of all North Carolina children.