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2015 Awards and Scholarships

by Aimee Scott, posted on June 5, 2015
NCAAHPERD-SM is proud to have many great awards, scholarships, and grants for our members. This year's nominations are due July 1, 2015. Please nominate someone today. The awards luncheon will be held October 30th, 2015 in Winston-Salem.


NCAAHPERD-SM recognizes outstanding teaching and professional involvement by selecting and honoring teachers and/or professionals of the year in several categories. In some instances, those receiving such recognition advance to compete for similar honors in the Southern District AAHPERD. If chosen for the Southern District award, the honoree competes for the national award, which is presented at the national SHAPE Convention.

Members are encouraged to honor and recognize their colleagues by nominating those qualified for a NCAAHPERD-SM award. Nominations can be made by filling out the appropriate form and submitting it with the required information. Please note that each award has specific criteria and nomination procedures.

Most nominees must be a NCAAHPERD-SM member in order to be considered for an Alliance or Association award.  However, certain awards such as Principal and Superintendent of the Year Awards do not require membership. Finally, for one to be eligible for competition beyond the state level, award recipients must also be members of the national SHAPE.

If you are interested in nominating a person for an Alliance or Association award, or if you want to apply for a grant or scholarship, please use the links below to either submit the nomination form or view the award criteria and application details.



  • Honor Award
    • NCAAHPERD-SM's highest award is given to persons of high moral character and personal integrity who by their leadership and industry have made outstanding and note-worthy contributions to the advancement of athletics, health education, physical education, recreation, dance, intramurals, and/or sport management in the state.
  • Hooks Young Professional Award
    • Awarded to individuals of less than 36 years of age for demonstrated outstanding potential in at least two of the following areas: teaching, scholarly productivity, and professional service, as reflected by publications, awards, or other recognition for achievement in teaching, coaching, performing or administration.
  • NCAAHPERD-SM Service Award
    • Acknowledges exceptional contributions to the Alliance and recognizes singular devotion of time and effort to the programs and mission of NCAAHPERD-SM that set the individual apart, even above other dedicated members of NCAAHPERD-SM.
  • June P. Galloway Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000 scholarship-awarded to a college female)
    • The female undergraduate scholarship is awarded in memory of Dr. June P. Galloway.  Galloway a former professor at UNCG served as student teaching coordinator, coordinator of the athletic division, as women's basketball coach.  Her professional leadership responsibilities included the presidency of the NCAAHPERD-SM and of the Southern Association of Physical Education for Women. Dr. June Galloway serves as an outstanding role model to any student, colleague, friend or family. 
  • Nathan Taylor Dodson Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000 scholarship-awarded to a college male)
    • The male undergraduate scholarship is awarded in memory of Nathan Taylor Dodson, who was born and raised on a farm in Rockingham County.  His many contributions in the field of physical education included; serving as physical education advisor for the NCDPI and working as a professor of physical education and intramural director at Wake Forest University.  Many southern states including the Southern District have honored Nathan Taylor Dodson by presenting an award in his name.
  •   Female College Athlete Undergraduate Scholarship ($1,000 scholarship)
    • This scholarship was started with funds from the now-defunct North Carolina Association of Intercollegiate Athletics for Women (NCAIAW) and is presented to a female student-athlete attending a North Carolina college or university. 
  • Ronald W. Hyatt Graduate Student Scholarships (two $1,000 scholarships)
    • The graduate scholarship is awarded in the memory of Dr. Ronald W. Hyatt, a professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science at UNC Chapel Hill for over 40 years. He also served as NCAAHPERD-SM and SDAAHPERD president while being recognized with over 25 honors and awards. 
  • NCAAHPERD-SM Convention Scholarships
    • A small number of grants are awarded to assist members with convention expenses. Convention scholarships may be used to cover convention registration, housing, and sub-pay (if school districts do not provide professional development substitute teachers).
  • Advocacy Award
    • Recognizes persons or organizations for affecting educational policy and legislation through effective advocacy at the local, state and/or national levels.
  • Friends of NCAAHPERD-SM Grants

Association Awards 

DANCE Association for North Carolina Educators

  1. DANCE Educator of the Year
    1. K-12 Dance Educator of the Year
    2. College/University Educator of the Year
    3. Community Dance Educator of the Year
  2. DANCE College Student of the Year
  3. DANCE Administrator of the Year

North Carolina Association for Athletic Education Awards

  1. High School Coach of the Year
    1. Male
    2. Female
  2. Athletic Director of the Year
    1. Middle School
    2. High School 
  3. NCAAE Lifetime Achievement Award

North Carolina Association for the Advancement of Health Education Awards 

  1. Health Education Teacher of the Year
    1. Middle School Health Educator of the Year
    2. High School Health Educator of the Year
    3. College/University Health Educator of the Year
  2. Linda Harrill Rudisill Lifetime Achievement Award
  3. Distinguished Friend of Health Education
  4. NC Healthy Schools Superintendent of the Year

North Carolina Physical Education Association Awards

  1. NCPEA Lifetime Achievement Award
  2. Physical Education Teachers of the Year
    1. Norm Leafe Elementary Teacher of the Year
    2. Middle School Teacher of the Year
    3. High School Teacher of the Year
    4. College/University Teacher of the Year
    5. Adapted Physical Educator of the Year
  3. Physical Education Distinguished Principal Awards
  4. Outstanding Physical Education Programs
  5. Amy Carroll and Sherry Little Memorial NCAAHPERD-SM Convention Scholarships
  6. NCPEA Grants

North Carolina Sport Management Coalition Awards

  1. Sport Management Educator of the Year
  2. Sport Management Professional of the Year

North Carolina Student Majors Association Awards

  1. Student Major of the Year

NCAAHPERD-SM Joint Projects Awards

  1. Dr. Bob Blackburn Jump Rope for Heart Coordinator of the Year Award
  2. Hoops for Heart Coordinator of the Year Award
  3. Mission Impact Award
  4. Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart Grants (Ten $400 Grants)