2020 NC SHAPE Virtual State Convention

November 1 - 3, 2020

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When you register for the convention you will eventually receive an invitation to register for Whova. You are welcome to download the app beforehand, however, you are unable to join the event until you receive an invitation code, which is sent by NC SHAPE's Whova App Team.

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To Best Enjoy the Virtual Convention Use the Web Page App on Your Computer
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An Important Note: Live streams are not fully compatible with all browsers. We recommend using the Whova web page on Google Chrome for a better streaming experience.

  • NC SHAPE does not recommend using an iPad for your convention experience.

An Important Note: Attendees must watch sessions directly in Whova to receive CEUs. We cannot keep track of attendee activity outside of the Whova platform (e.g. in Zoom).

2020 Virtual Convention Committee YouTube Video

** The 2020 Convention Features **


National & International Presenters! Because this is a virtual event, we have been able to secure the "Biggest & Brightest" presenters from across the United State and around the world just for you. These include:

  • Two outstanding keynote speakers Jess Lawrence and Mike Martinez!
  • Mike Kuczala (Pennsylvania)
  • Jace Ferguson (Macao)
  • Jessica Napier (2020 National Health Education TOY)
  • Charla Krahnke (National High School PE TOY)
  • Andy Hair (Australia)
  • Daniel Inman (Germany)
  • Cassie Brooks (Midwest District Health Education TOY)
  • Mel Hamada (China)
  • Eric Larson (Colorado)
  • Kelly Zerby (Illinois)
  • Mike Kuzala (Indiana)
  • Matthew Bassett (National Elementary PE TOY)
  • Mark & Becky Foellmer (District Middle School PE TOY)
  • Drew Burris (District Elementary PE TOY)
  • Adam Mullis (South Carolina)
  • Kevin McGrath (Virginia)
  • Dale Sidebottom (Australia)
  • Kyle Bragg (Arizona)
  • Carrie Flint (California)
  • Brandon Herwick (New York)
  • Mark Friedrich (New Jersey)
  • Kate Cox (California)
  • Adam Metcalf (Illinois)
  • Victor Spadaro (Virginia)
  • Mary McCarley (Southern District Health TOY)

Our terrific NC SHAPE presenters include Chris Walker, Mike Morris, Lynn Hefele, Jessica Hook, Derek Mohr, Robert Lindsey, Jordan Weber, Becki Halslip, Tiffany Fuller, Bob Hill, Jim Hammond, Burt Jenkins, John Aquaviva Kim Morton, Indhumathi Gopal, Stephanie Little, Jolanda Hengstman, Brandy Clemmer, Debbie Bryant, Amy Stringer and many, many more!

Each of the Alliance Associations listed below are working towards having the most motivational and exciting presenters ever! This includes over 125 sessions on:

  • Adapted Physical Education
  • Athletics
  • Health Education
  • Physical Education
  • Dance Education
  • Student Majors
  • Sport Management!

** Convention Registration Information **

ATTENTION! - ATTENTION! Please carefully read the following seven IMPORTANT items before proceeding to register:

(#1) NCAAHPERD-SM/NC SHAPE Members receive a significant discount on our State Convention. If you are not a member, please join HERE > Also, as a member you will receive regular e-mail blasts with more specific information as a lead-up to the State Convention. If you are not a member, you will miss out on these important updates.

(#2) This will be a Virtual State Convention running over the entire month of November, 2020. We will have LIVE sessions starting on Sunday, November 1st through Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Individuals not able to watch LIVE may enjoy watching the recorded sessions on-demand through midnight November 30, 2020. No exceptions!

(#3) You have just ONE CHANCE to register for the desired renewal credit amount. In other words, if you decide to register for 1.5 CEUs and later decide you'd rather do 3.0 CEUs, this will take an entirely new registration fee. Thus more money! A word to the wise.

(#4) You will need to watch each session for the full time. The Whova app that we are using is able to track actual screen minutes for us. If you watch less than 40 minutes of a session you WILL NOT RECEIVE credit. Repeat: You WILL NOT RECEIVE credit. As with our in-person State Convention, there will be numerous sessions during each Breakout Time Slot, up to 10 concurrent presentations. Our virtual platform will actually allow you greater freedom to watch multiple sessions during the month of November that you would not normally have access to in a live setting.

(#5) While you can watch as many of the 100+ sessions during the month of November as desired, you will only get credit for the level of CEUs paid. For example: If you paid for 1.5 CEUs, that is the maximum you will be able to receive. If you watch less than 15 sessions, you will get only the CEUs watched. For example, if you paid for 1.5 CEUs and only watched 7 sessions, you will receive a certificate for .7 CEUs. If you paid for 2.0 CEUs and watched 23 sessions, you will only receive a certificate for 2.0 CEUs, not 2.3. NOTE: You cannot earn more than 3.0 CEUs. PLEASE DO NOT register for more.

(#6) We will only issue CEU Certificate at the end of November. This will most likely take us a week to track, verify and send your certificate to you. Your patience is appreciated!

(#7) Any Questions? If you have any questions, please contact Artie Kamiya ( or (919) 818-6486 as needed. Looking for to seeing you on-screen as we will use Zoom as our Virtual Learning Platform.